Creative Brands Acquires Santa Barbara Design Studio

PHOENIX (August 6th, 2015) - Creative Brands of Phoenix, AZ has acquired the Santa Barbara Design Studio of Oxnard, California.

Santa Barbara Design Studio was founded by Ray Markow in 1976 and is a family owned and operated company focused on providing new and creative gift products from designs by talented artists across the United States.

For over forty years Santa Barbara Design Studio has been managed by Mr. Markow and his talented management team and has solidified its position as the market leader in gift glassware, message coffee mugs, plaques, cards and jewelry. Exciting designer brands like That's All; JKC, Gratitude Cocktail and Barstool Philosopher comprise the product offerings of SBDS and will mesh with new and different Creative Brands lines in the future.

"We are very pleased to pass on the great legacy of Santa Barbara Design Studio to Creative Brands and know that they will continue to grow the company by featuring up and coming new gift artists who are looking for product categories that embrace their art style and color palettes" said Ray Markow.

"With their resources, and the help of their field sales force, telemarketing staff and sophisticated web presence we firmly believe Santa Barbara Design Studio will continue to grow profitably and offer our customers the highest quality products and superior customer service that our industry has come to expect."

Creative Brands, a division of CBC, founded in 1948, is a distribution, importing and manufacturing firm with an assortment of gift and inspirational product sold throughout the world. With their extensive sourcing capabilities, Creative Brands is able to import and manufacturer candles, wall art, poly resin figurines, jewelry and textiles from a myriad of countries throughout Europe and the Far East.

Paul DiGiovanni, President of Creative Brands, said, "We are thrilled to be a part of the great heritage at Santa Barbara Design Studio. Ray Markow has combined vision and hard work to build this unique gift brand and we look forward to continuing along his path of success with talented artists offering fun and inspiring gift product to the gift industry".

Creative Brands is headquartered in Phoenix Arizona with manufacturing facilities, a call center and a distribution center in Lewisburg; TN and a buying office in Hong Kong.

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